About Our Hybrid Future

South Australian writer and arts leader Kate Larsen received funding from the Government of South Australia to publish a new sector resource on digital and hybrid work and delivery.

Launched in April 2021, ‘Our Hybrid Future’ includes tools, tips and templates to revisit the logistics and culture of digital and remote practices, learn from recent innovations, and develop the skills and systems needed to create hybrid work and delivery environments that are effective, equitable and enjoyable.

“COVID-19 rushed Australia’s arts and cultural sector into digital workplaces and delivery methods faster than anyone could have imagined,” Larsen says. “Now that the initial shock is over, the sector needs practical, industry-focused guidance on how to draw from the best of this recent experience to create a more flexible and accessible future for us all.”

The project received a grant through Arts South Australia’s $10.2 million Arts Recovery Fund, which aims to create jobs and fast-track recovery in South Australia’s arts and culture sector.

Illustrated by Adelaide artist Bec Sheedy, the comprehensive illustrated guide is now available for free to artists, arts and cultural organisations across Australia (and beyond).

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